Looking for an effective strength offering that doesn't involve weights? Whatever your goals are, our TRX® classes will help you achieve them. The TRX® Suspension Trainer and our instructors will help you increase your functional fitness level. 

“What is functional training?” Originating in physical therapy, functional training consists of exercises that help you move and feel better in sports and life. Suspension training is a form of functional training, invented by TRX, that leverages your bodyweight to help build strength, lose weight and increase flexibility using the TRX Suspension Trainer.

TRX workouts combine flexibility, core, cardio, and strength training to maximize results. Every exercise performed engages your core. You'll get stronger by using every muscle in the hundreds of exercises available. 

TRX has helped people train for endurance sports like running and triathlons. Workouts are fast, effective, and fun. Classes can be adjusted to any level of difficulty to benefit people of all fitness levels.

The classes

SPIRE TRX, Get toned and lose weight in this all levels strength class. Develop and maintain a rock-solid core. Achieve a total body cardio and strength training workout in under an hour. Our TRX classes will increase your flexibility and endurance.

SPIRE Crew + TRX, Everything you love about our SPIRE Crew classes combined with TRX strength training!  Our interval, indoor rowing workout is designed to challenge and work your entire body. Between rowing intervals, TRX strength training will leverage your bodyweight to help build strength, lose weight, and increase flexibility. 

SPIRE TRX + TBT, Prepare yourself for SPIRE TRX with a twist! This is a combination class that mixes our suspension-based training system with movements from our Total Body Tone class! This class will include isometric holds, barre moves, tabata intervals and focused on strengthening your core. You are going to feel the burn as you tuck, lift, plank, push, and pull yourself to a more toned physique.

CIRCUIT45, combines the elements of the TRX RIP Trainer with dynamic HIIT exercises in a circuit style class. Working through different RIP, Strength and Cardio circuit stations, each athlete will get their heart rates up while building power & explosive strength throughout a 45-minute session. This class is for anyone looking to improve rotational power, increase cardiovascular endurance & target a full body workout in less than an hour! Programmed for all levels.